Annual Billy Cart Derby

Good sports award

1st Belmont Cubs were out in force today for the Hunter and Coastal annual Bill Cart Derby.  We had two cars and nine cubs in the running and the cubs did an awesome job coming 2nd and 4th in the Grand Prix and bringing home the “Good Sports Award”.  
And for those not in the know, the good sport award isn’t a conciliation prize, oh no!  It’s an award for the team that displays all the best qualities we look for in cubs and is based on leaders noting good sportsmanship in action.

Amazing Term 1 Group night

New Scout Logo unveiled at new campfire place

Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and parents all worked hard to design and create a new campfire place, complete with a new scout logo. Thank you to all and a BIG thank you to Dingo and Bagheera who engineered the backyard renovations.

An amazing Group night with egg drop experiment, tallest tower built with marshmallows and spaghetti, sausage sizzle and damper on stick with gooey sticky yummy maple syrup for dessert.

News update

How exciting to have an investiture of 5 new Joeys, linking Joey and a new Cub with Target 110 digging up a new campfire area for this month in March.

Come and join us for our group night and grand opening of our campfire area on Thursday 11th April.

Congratulations Angus

A milestone in 1st Belmont Scout Group after almost 30 years.

Congratulations to Angus who has achieved his Queen’s Scout award who began his scouting journey as a seven year old Joey Scout where he completed his Joey Promise Challenge.  He achieved his Grey Wolf in Cub Scouts, Green Cord in Scouts and linked to Venturers, completing the Queen’s Scout award, the highest award in the youth section.


Angus demonstrated persistence and resilience in his achievements in Adventurous Activities, Community Involvement, Leadership Development and Personal Growth in the Queen’s Scout award. Well done to Angus’ family and all scout leaders who have supported Angus.

Congratulations, Angus!