Joey Camp, Glenrock

The Joeys were in tents for the recent Lake Macquarie District Joey Camp at Glenrock, dressing up as indians for the festivities – the leaders were the cowboys.

Some of the Belmont Scout Leaders came down and put up the rope bridge with the help of some of the parents and it proved to be a big hit with the Joeys from all over the district.

Among the activities during the camp were lassoing the cows, horseshoe tossing, archery, dream catchers, a visit to the beach, dancing, storytelling and Nerf gun battles. The big hit of the weekend, the group drumming sessions, gave permission – indeed encouragement – to Joeys to make a lot of noise resulting in a Very Loud Experience.

By the end of the camp we had lots of weary Joeys (and parents) heading for home and looking forward to the next camp.

– Nigel Paterson

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