Battleships across Lake Macquarie

1st Belmont, 1st Wangi and 1st Swansea carried out the culmination of our term theme of Codes and Signals. This saw our combined packs playing battle ships across Lake Macquarie with messages sent by Morse Code/torch and phonetic alphabet/UHF radio.

We have three teams from 1st Belmont sending signs to two teams in Wangi and another team at 1st Swansea.

Our cubs have been practicing their codes and signals over the last three weeks ready for this evening and, while the cubs found it challenging to process and send Morse code messages in an outdoor location they loved the UHF relays and we are already planning a rematch in the near future……and apparently the Scouts want in on the action next time!!

In the interests of public safety, some of our cubs did visit the marine rescue base a few weeks ago to explain what we were planning and that there were no actual battleships or sinking destroyers in the lake.

For those not familiar with Lake Mac, thanks to its geography we have three scout halls within a few km of each other but 45min drive apart.  This exercise proved that when you are in scouting no distance is enough to keep us apart.

Thanks to cub leaders for taking the cubs idea of “we’d like to play with UHFs” and stretching it to a more challenging program. That’s why being a cub or a cub leader is so awesome!!