What have 1st Belmont been up too?

1st Belmont Scout Group have been incredibly busy! Our Joeys are making friends and learning while our cubs have made great progress on their badgework and working as a team. Our scouts are preparing themselves for Corroboree in the summer holidays and Jamboree in 2019! Here are just some of the places we have visited as a group in just over a term and a half! The Library, Bunnings, Rock Climbing and even more days out left in the term!

Our cubs and joeys had a combined night where we went to the library to complete a scavenger hunt, read some stories and learn about our local Library and how to use it!

We also attended the Bunnings Father’s Day night! We ate sausage sandwiches, saw a magic show, had our faces painted and made presents for people we care about!

We’ve also had a lot of fun climbing things! The Joeys showed their fearlessness and conquered fears and personal best in every climb!

And we finished last term with Wide Games in the dark!!


We still have 4 scout nights left in the YEAR with even more group activities planned! See you all next week for more fun and adventure!
~Akela Rama

We will miss you, Rama!!

It is always a sad time when scouts move on to the next section, and even more so when they have to move town. Leaders in scouting don’t get to earn badges and go up to different sections, we stay in one spot. Sometimes we have to move house – and very occasionally, move town. Our wonderful leader, Rama, has had to make the hard decision to move away and he will be greatly missed as he was an integral part of our group. His children Bronte and Hayden have also been joeys, cubs and scouts in our group; and over the last 2 terms we have had the pleasure of awarding Bronte her Gold Boomerang, Grey Wolf and then begin her linking to scouts!

We would like to give a huge 1,2,3 WOLF! to Bronte for her amazing achievements this year!

We also will miss the vivacious spirit and ingenious outgoing leader, Rama. He has been such a cornerstone of Belmont cub pack for a long time, a hard worker in district and an asset to the scouting organisation. We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the time, effort and love put into your interactions with youth and the community. You will be greatly missed and the cubs look forward to hearing about your new adventure!

[Image of Bronte and Rama playing with us at Springloaded in Term 3] 

Joey and Cubs spend the evening at the beach


With the weather so changeable this week I wasn’t sure we would get to the beach but the weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and a balmy evening for those of us running around like mad things. Its nights like this that reminds me why I love being a cub leader. The fun the children had just being kids, making friends and racing around enjoying the fun of the beach all to themselves.


A crucial part of the cubs program for this term has been learning how to put a victim into the recovery position and how to apply the first aid principles of DRSABCD.  A visit from our local ambulance officer reimforced this and gave the cubs a chance to practice their skills.