What have 1st Belmont been up too?

1st Belmont Scout Group have been incredibly busy! Our Joeys are making friends and learning while our cubs have made great progress on their badgework and working as a team. Our scouts are preparing themselves for Corroboree in the summer holidays and Jamboree in 2019! Here are just some of the places we have visited as a group in just over a term and a half! The Library, Bunnings, Rock Climbing and even more days out left in the term!

Our cubs and joeys had a combined night where we went to the library to complete a scavenger hunt, read some stories and learn about our local Library and how to use it!

We also attended the Bunnings Father’s Day night! We ate sausage sandwiches, saw a magic show, had our faces painted and made presents for people we care about!

We’ve also had a lot of fun climbing things! The Joeys showed their fearlessness and conquered fears and personal best in every climb!

And we finished last term with Wide Games in the dark!!


We still have 4 scout nights left in the YEAR with even more group activities planned! See you all next week for more fun and adventure!
~Akela Rama

Tales from AJ2013

the Troop all together at the gateway
The Troop all together at the gateway

My favourite activity at the Jamboree was Explore It. Our troop first had a briefing and after the briefing we had to do activities to get our lunch. After lunch we decided not to find Wally instead we spent the rest of the day in Big W looking at things and watching the movie. During the spare time one of our troop members got lost when we were looking for unicorns because our group name was The Unicorns. (Toby)

Smash It!

One of the fun activities we did at the Jamboree was Smash it. At this event we raced remote controlled cars. They were FAST! While waiting in line a fire truck came past us and sprayed us with cool, refreshing water.  That was sooo gooood.  When it was our turn, I crashed my car so many times, not intentionally, they were just very difficult to manouver. But the cars were tougher than normal r/c’s so they didn’t get wrecked, no matter how much they crashed. The track was bendy and had lots of jumps and turns. The cars were very sentsitive to every remote instruction. There was only full speed or still. You could either just turn or go straight. Not too many options really. The cars were large model versions of 4WD’s . They were lots of fun.

The track was about 3m wide. Drivers and marshalls took turns at driving and marshalling. The whistle for the change over seemed to come very quickly which made your driving turn seem a little short. But it was ok.  To make it interesting there were jumps, one at the starting line and small bumps fairly close together which made the cars more difficult to control. It was very cool. You had to concentrate a lot. I ended up having lots of fun with it.  (Antonio)

Tag ItTag It

Tag –  It was an extremely fun activity because when you first arrive you must sign in and hand in your passports but then the fun begins! Each member of the patrol is given a Laser tag gun and a shot detector. After a quick walk to the Arena (a small ‘Battlefield’) all the patrols are told what to do. The leaders Explain the Game type which is called Domination. Here’s how to play; Red V Blue with Red one end Blue the other. In the middle there is a box which you must shoot in order to gain points. If however you are shot, you must run back to your side and press a button on a box. Then you can run out once more. At the end of a round whoever scores the most points wins. Then the patrols head over to a field and are handed nerf guns. Everybody runs around shooting every one. After that you may line up for a game of Splat. A patrol will enter a cage and then they pick up high pressure sponge guns. It’s your job to pick up sponges and reload your weapon and shoot your targets (other patrol members). It’s a great day of fun! (Jonah)