Fees camp & charges

For 2019, 1st Belmont Scout Group term fees are

2019 Term Fees1st child (oldest)2nd child 
Scout / Cub$85.00$75.00
Multiple child discounts available, please approach the Group Leader for further information. Fees are reduced if you have applied for the Active Kids Voucher. You can redeem your voucher from Scouts NSW.

Subsidies available for those who may be experiencing financial difficulties. Please see Group Leader or Section leaders.

Criteria for the subsidy :

  1. Current Concession Card holder
  2. Volunteer with 1st Belmont Scouts
  3. Reviewed each term

Come and Try: First four weeks no obligation, just come and join us to see what fun we have. Then if you decide to join follow the step-by-step guide to joining.

Parents have several options when paying term fees and money for camps and special activities.  As the group is self funded it is important that all fees are paid on time unless confidential arrangements have been made through the Group Leader.

Section Leaders are only available to collect term or camp money when the children are in the hall (ie: not on nights when the section is away from the hall).

  • Venturers – Monday    7.00 – 9.00pm
  • Scouts – Thursday           6.30 – 6.45pm
  • Cubs – Thursday            6.30 – 8.00pm
  • Joeys – Thursday           5.15 – 6.15pm

Any questions about fees should be directed to the group leader and activity/camp fees to the section leader.


All money can be paid in cash in a sealed envelope with full details written on the outside and given to the section leader at the beginning of the evening (end of the evening for Joeys). The section leader will issue a receipt.

Activities that indicate “cash to leader” on the activity note are to be paid in cash only (no other option) to the section treasurer who will forward payment to the leader in charge of the activity.

Please ensure that all payments are for the correct amount as we do not keep cash to give change, nor are we able to “hold” money over for another activity or term fees.

Direct Deposits

Direct deposit may be made to the group’s bank account:

BSB: 062 815

Account: 1010 8162

Name: Scout Association of Australia, 1st Belmont Scout Group

Activities over $10

Where the activity note indicates payment to 1st Belmont Scout Group payments may be made by direct deposit or by payment directly to the section leader at the hall (cash or cheque).

A copy of the direct deposit details must be stapled with the activity note as the leader’s record of payment and given to the section treasurer.  The A1 will then be marked as paid by EFT and the Group Treasurer will issue a receipt upon confirmation of receipt of payment on the bank statement.

Details of direct deposits should be emailed to the group treasurer on ced98603@bigpond.net.au

Please include in the email details of section, child’s surname and initial and activity details, fees etc in the payment details field.  e.g.: Cub Smith A Cub Camp or Cubs Smith A Term 2 Fees


Term Fees and activities where payment is made to 1st Belmont Scout Group may also be made by cheque directly to the section leader who will issue a receipt.  The cheque should be drawn to 1st Belmont Scout Group.

Credit Cards

Although the group does not accept credit cards there are times when activities coordinated by Hunter and Coastal Region Office may provide for credit card payment.  This will be advised when available.