Joey Program Term 4 2018

Each Thursday @  5:15pm to 6:15pm

Date Topic Theme Location CareMonkey eForms
18/10 Secret Spies  Welcome back Hall
25/10 Exploring Caves Beach Care and Share – Environment Caves Beach  Yes
1/11 Westpac Helicopter Care and Share – each other Belmont airport Yes
8/11 Matt Hall Racing Belmont airport Yes
15/11 Gardening at Swansea Pres Church Care and Share – community  Swansea Presbyterian Church
22/11 Springloaded Adventure Gateshead Yes
29/11 Parents vs kids Adventure Hall  Yes
1/12 (Sat) BBQ Fundraiser Belmont Bunnings
6/12 Elf workshop Care and Share – others Hall
13/12 Group night Swansea Pool

PERMISSION NOTE REQUIRED  – Reply using CareMonkey e-form.

M: 0425 207 900

Please be aware Term Program is subject to change. Please check with your section leader for any changes.