Joeys out and about

Joey adventures – Fishing at Murrays Beach and Clean up Australia Day at Belmont South Park

Welcome back 2018

We are thrilled to be teaming with you to provide a safe and exciting environment for your child to have fun, meet new friends and learn handy skills at 1st Belmont Scout Group this year.

Find out more and join us for our first combined meeting Joeys (6-8 years), Cubs (8-11 years), Scouts (11-14 years) and Venturers (14-17 years).

Date: Thursday 8th February 2018
Time: 5.45pm - 7.15pm
Venue: 1st Belmont Scouts, 52 Ernest St, Belmont (near Belmont TAFE)
More information: 0425 207900 (Joeys), 0481 163133 (Cubs), 0488 495700 (Scouts), 
                  0410 427760 (Venturers)



Joeys @ Hunter Wetlands Sleepover

1st Belmont Joey Scouts had an adventurous time with 1st Charlestown and 1st Warners Bay Joey Scouts at the Hunter Wetlands Sleepover. Thanks to Stuart Blanch, CEO Hunter Wetlands, Joeys learnt about mosquito fish as they went dip-netting and even managed to avoid falling in, went spotlighting and saw brush tail possums, lots of spider webs and flying foxes and had a visitor with a brush tail!

The next morning, Joeys went for a drive to see the Wetlands. Over the sleepover, Joeys made new friends, ate a lot including ice cream and pancakes with chocolate, caramel and strawberry topping and also their salad greens!


What have 1st Belmont been up too?

1st Belmont Scout Group have been incredibly busy! Our Joeys are making friends and learning while our cubs have made great progress on their badgework and working as a team. Our scouts are preparing themselves for Corroboree in the summer holidays and Jamboree in 2019! Here are just some of the places we have visited as a group in just over a term and a half! The Library, Bunnings, Rock Climbing and even more days out left in the term!

Our cubs and joeys had a combined night where we went to the library to complete a scavenger hunt, read some stories and learn about our local Library and how to use it!

We also attended the Bunnings Father’s Day night! We ate sausage sandwiches, saw a magic show, had our faces painted and made presents for people we care about!

We’ve also had a lot of fun climbing things! The Joeys showed their fearlessness and conquered fears and personal best in every climb!

And we finished last term with Wide Games in the dark!!


We still have 4 scout nights left in the YEAR with even more group activities planned! See you all next week for more fun and adventure!
~Akela Rama