2019 Scout Jamboree Information

Australian Jamboree 2019 will be held at The Bend Motorsports Park, Tailem Bend, South Australia

AJ2019 the 25th Australian Jamboree is being hosted by Scouts SA. Are you ready for the fun, adventure and life long friendships?

  • Dates: January 4th-14th; Scouts are to arrive on the 4th of January and will depart on the 13th of January
  • Super Saturday (Visitors day) will be on January 12th
  • Scout age range – must be under 15 years as at 4 Jan 2019
  • Applications open from 1 October 2017 via special “on line” web site
  • The Youth Program is still being developed , but bicycle activities, cart racing and land yachting will feature on the V8 car racing circuit, with water activities on the nearby lakes, patrol activities at the Woodhouse activity Centre and a wide game in the city of Adelaide
  • Expressions of interest to assist in the conduct of the jamboree to; admin@aj2019.com.au
  • Enquiries from State/Branch Contingents to Greg Warnes at; contingents@aj2019.com.au



Welcome back to Term 3, 2017

A special welcome to our newest Joeys, Cubs, Scout and Venturers who have joined us in Term 2.  We have a very exciting Term 3 with a new Joey Scout leader, Cub Scout leader and Quarter Master. We would like to say a BIG thank you to Cathy Thomas, who will be leaving 1st Belmont Scouts as Cub Scout Leader (Akela) and Group Leader after many years of service. We also wish Dennis our Cub Scout Leader as he makes Port Macquarie his new home this term.

1st Belmont Joey Scouts have been visiting Warners Bay Joey Scouts for their buddy badge. Joeys have enjoyed the campfire, making new friends and spotlighting. Warners Bay Joeys will be visiting Belmont Joeys and going to the Belmont Fire Station this term. Pei Ling (Wombat) has returned as Joey Scout Leader and she will also take up the role as Leader-in-Charge. She is looking forward to working with a dedicated team of Scout leaders.

We are delighted to have Danielle (Akela Rama) as our Cub Leader this term. She comes to us with many skills and talents and will certainly provide an  exciting program for our Cub Scouts. Ellen (Olley) our Scout Leader will be seeing the sights and smells of Japan and will returned all invigorated to lead our Scouts into more adventures. She will be assisted by Ricky (Trickster). Our Venturers have been busy with district program, led by Charlotte, who has been an invaluable help to our group. Welcome back to Brett (Migaloo), who is now our experienced Quarter Master looking after our equipment.


If you would like to take advantage of our $10 early bird discount for your term fees please pay by direct deposit.  Fees must be paid prior to the first Monday of the public school start of term ie. 17th July 2017.  For more information, 2017/2018 fees.

Term 3 highlights for the 1st Belmont Scout Group

  • Grey Wolf presentation (TBA)
  • Farewell to Cathy and Dennis (TBA)
  • Bunnings BBQ (Saturday, 26th August)
  • 90th Birthday party (Saturday 9th September)
  • Group Night (Thursday 21st September)


March is Mob Month

Introductory afternoon for Joey Scouts

You are Invited !!!!

Belmont Scouts is having a fun afternoon of games and activities for GIRLS and BOYS aged

between 6 and 8, at the scout hall at

52 Ernest Street, Belmont (near Fernleigh Track and TAFE)

Thursday 14th March 5.30-6.30pm.

This introductory night is an opportunity to come, play and find out a little about Scouting. 

We will be finishing with a free sausage sizzle.

Belmont Joeys run every Thursday and you are invited to attend three weeks for FREE.

Registration forms will be available on the night.

For information about Belmont Joey Scouts contact  Cathy Thomas 0425-250031

Tales from AJ2013

the Troop all together at the gateway
The Troop all together at the gateway

My favourite activity at the Jamboree was Explore It. Our troop first had a briefing and after the briefing we had to do activities to get our lunch. After lunch we decided not to find Wally instead we spent the rest of the day in Big W looking at things and watching the movie. During the spare time one of our troop members got lost when we were looking for unicorns because our group name was The Unicorns. (Toby)

Smash It!

One of the fun activities we did at the Jamboree was Smash it. At this event we raced remote controlled cars. They were FAST! While waiting in line a fire truck came past us and sprayed us with cool, refreshing water.  That was sooo gooood.  When it was our turn, I crashed my car so many times, not intentionally, they were just very difficult to manouver. But the cars were tougher than normal r/c’s so they didn’t get wrecked, no matter how much they crashed. The track was bendy and had lots of jumps and turns. The cars were very sentsitive to every remote instruction. There was only full speed or still. You could either just turn or go straight. Not too many options really. The cars were large model versions of 4WD’s . They were lots of fun.

The track was about 3m wide. Drivers and marshalls took turns at driving and marshalling. The whistle for the change over seemed to come very quickly which made your driving turn seem a little short. But it was ok.  To make it interesting there were jumps, one at the starting line and small bumps fairly close together which made the cars more difficult to control. It was very cool. You had to concentrate a lot. I ended up having lots of fun with it.  (Antonio)

Tag ItTag It

Tag –  It was an extremely fun activity because when you first arrive you must sign in and hand in your passports but then the fun begins! Each member of the patrol is given a Laser tag gun and a shot detector. After a quick walk to the Arena (a small ‘Battlefield’) all the patrols are told what to do. The leaders Explain the Game type which is called Domination. Here’s how to play; Red V Blue with Red one end Blue the other. In the middle there is a box which you must shoot in order to gain points. If however you are shot, you must run back to your side and press a button on a box. Then you can run out once more. At the end of a round whoever scores the most points wins. Then the patrols head over to a field and are handed nerf guns. Everybody runs around shooting every one. After that you may line up for a game of Splat. A patrol will enter a cage and then they pick up high pressure sponge guns. It’s your job to pick up sponges and reload your weapon and shoot your targets (other patrol members). It’s a great day of fun! (Jonah)

Joey and Cubs spend the evening at the beach


With the weather so changeable this week I wasn’t sure we would get to the beach but the weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and a balmy evening for those of us running around like mad things. Its nights like this that reminds me why I love being a cub leader. The fun the children had just being kids, making friends and racing around enjoying the fun of the beach all to themselves.