Parent Information

As members of the 1st Belmont Scout Group you form part of a partnership centred around your children.  Our fully trained leaders are unpaid volunteers who give up their time to support your children in gaining the skills and qualities that the scouting movement offers,  Fun, adventure, challenge, leadership, life and organisational skills and friendships are just the start of what your child can gain from their time with us.

As parents we rely on your support to ensure that the group runs successfully and the programs effectively.  You will be asked to contribute throughout the year with working bees and hall maintenance, fundraisers, transport to camps and activities and help with various programs.  With nearly 50 families in the group this is shared amongst us all.

You may be able to give up an hour or so a week yourself and join our team of assistants which ensure that your child gains the best scouting can offer.  Contact for more information about becoming an assistant leader.

The Group Support Committee gets together on the third Tuesday of each month to coordinate various aspects of the management of the group and you are invited to come along and have some input into this.

If you would like to come to a meeting please call 042 520 7900.


Video: Shane Jacobson, Chief Scout of Victoria



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