Know your uniform

There is lots of variety among the uniforms our group members wear, for reasons of identification and achievement. Youth members wear a simple uniform of a scouting shirt combined with navy shorts or a Group Shirt for play. The scarf and woggle are very traditional items which quickly identify wearers as part of the scout movement.

The scout shirt is button up while the joey and cub shirts are polo style.  Each section’s shirt has different colour sleeve panels.

Joeys – Terracotta

Cubs – Yellow

Scouts – Green

Venturers – Burgundy

1st Belmont’s Scarves are royal blue with white edge

Full or “Walk Out” Uniform is:

Section shirt

Scarf and woggle (provided by group after you join)

Navy Blue Shorts – “Stubbies” cargo length

Black ankle (crew or fold down) socks and black lace-up shoes.

(Week to week at the hall youth can wear joggers and sports socks but not trainer socks).

Shirts can be ordered through the group on this order form.

1st Belmont Scout Order Form


1st Belmont also has a Group shirt for members, leaders and parent helpers.  This  bright coloured shirt  is suitable for wearing to out of hall activities, camps and district and regional events.  It makes our youth easily identifiable in a crowd.

For outdoor activities youth must wear a broadbrimmed hat  a t-shirt, collared for preference, and enclosed shoes.