Scout Program Term 4, 2013

Leadership Course

Tuesday 22/10/2013

Thursday 10/10/2013 Combined Night
Weekend 12-13/10 Canoe Course
Tuesday 15/10/2013 Citizenship
Saturday 19/10/2013 Night Hike
Tuesday 22/10/2013 First Aid
Weekend 26-27/10/2013 Leadership Course
Tuesday 29/10/2013 Orienteering
Tuesday 05/11/2013 Can you use a GPS?
Tuesday 12/11/2013 Water Safety-Theory
Weekend 16-17/11 Bushwalking
Tuesday 19/11/2013 Water Safety Prac
Weekend 30/11-1/12 Group Camp
Weekend 13-15/12 Region Venture
Sunday 15/12/2013 Group Christmas Party

Activities in Red require permission form. Click on link to view.

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