Scout Program Term 1, 2014

Here’s the current Scout program for Term 1, 2014… A1s to come.

tuesday  activity date weekend
15th/19th Jan Corroboree Lockstock
26th Jan Australia Day
4th Feb Games Night – Dodge Ball, Helicopter etc.  8th/9th Feb
11th Feb Guest Speaker- ReptilesSee Ryan 15th/16th Feb
18th Feb BP Info Night- Basher 22nd/23rd Feb BP Birthday Bash
25th Feb Fernleigh Track WalkMini clean upPosters for corners about clean up Australia Day 1st/2nd March Open Day at Hall, Clean-up Aust. Day Open Day Cancelled because of Show Day
4th March Art NightPenguin- Corner SignOther 3, comp for best patrol poster 8th/9th March Scout Water Activity CampRathmines
11th March ASM ProjectsMore explanationPLs Run the night 15th/16th March
18th March Pen/Kook Bike Safety CheckMag/Eag Making Hats for Trip 22nd/23rd March Pen/Kook Patrol Act. (Bike Hike)PKMag/Eag Patrol Act.( Luna Park)Ollie,  Basher
25th March  Visit Belmont Cemetery Learn History  29th/30th March Troop Council for Term 2?
1st April April Fool’s Day History and Games  5th/6th April
8th April Ten Pin Bowling Night 12th/13th April
25th April(last Fri of Hols) ANZAC Day

Special note or smartphone and tablet users – open A1s in a PDF App such as Adobe Reader to display the content correctly (the forms appear blank in Safari).